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Although we do not have an "in office" finance plan, we will be more than happy to help our patients find financing that is suitable for their needs.


We are proud to be a participant of CareCredit , an outside agency that will allow you to choose the payment plan to suit your budget.  Care Credit officer affordable payment plans, as well as long term financing at terms lower than most credit cards.

For more information or to apply online for visi the link provided.

We are now offering a Dental Savings Plan for Patients without insurance!  Click on link below for Details!



We also have an option for patients with insurance! Contact our office for more information!

As for insurance, we are Premier Provider for:

Delta Dental

Feel free to call our office and speak to our insurance coordinator, Michelle, with any dental benefit questions.  She will be happy to do a complimentary benefits check for you to let you know what type of insurance coverage you have available.

As for payment options other than insurance and CareCredit;

Payments may be made by cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.




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